House Scotch Bonnet Chilli Oil

We serve this fruity, peppery and punchy Chilli Oil on basically anything it will pair well with. Truth be told – we’d drink it if we could.

Scotch Bonnets are a beautiful chilli with a real fruity, apricot flavour beyond just their searing heat. Confiting them imparts all that flavour into the oil while providing that addictive, brow mopping heat we love in the form of an oil that can be drizzled onto pizza, pasta, salads, crostini, risotto…we could go on.

Makes 250ml flavoured oil

250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 Scotch Bonnet Chillis
2 Bay leaves
Pinch of whole black peppercorns

Pour your Olive Oil into a saucepan and prick the scotch bonnets with a sharp knife all over. Add the chillies and the rest of the ingredients to the plan and turn on a low heat below it.

As the Olive Oil warms up to a sizzle around the ingredients they will impart all their flavour into the oil. Allow the contents of the pan to sizzle away for 10 minutes or so ensuring it doesn’t get too ferocious – be warned any moisture in the peppers can make the oil spit! Then turn the heat off and allow the oil to cool. If you’re real chilli freak give the chillies a squish at this point to ramp up the heat even more.

Strain and pour into a sterilised bottle, keeps for a month.